My "Big Bean" Story "Life Outlook"

Jar of beans

This Demo Gives You A New Outlook On Hanging In There

Every Life Goes Through Setbacks, =Response?


Use This With Kids To Help Understand Why Want To Become a "Big Bean".

Life Hits Bottom

Seems Like the End Of the World, Until You Remember That You Are A Big Bean,

You Know That Every Time You Hit Bottom That You Don't Stay Long

The More Shake Up There Is Going On, Don't Worry About It

You Know Shortly You'll Be Back On Top,

Just The Way It Works
Simple Props, Simple Demo, Big Impact And Rememberable Lesson.

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$1.00 Worth Of Beans and A Jar

Message From Simple Demo, Will Affect And Stay With Observers

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Demo Equipment Needed. Use For Years

You will need a glass jar or clear plastic tall container and $1.00 or so worth of dry beans. You can use a second type of bean or two if slightly larger along with jar full of original type.

Try this out. Shake up your jar of beans for a bit.. You will see eventually at the top a few slightly larger beans.

You Could Take Out and Color Two Or Three of These Largest Beans With A Magic Marker ( or use two or 3 from slightly from larger different coloring dried beans bin.

Have a plastic bowl along to Dump the jar of beans into.

Here is Your presentation demo......

The moral is that if you develop yourself and become a " big bean" you become what is known in the human world as a "big bean."

Now to represent you and friends who learn to become "big beans" I will show you no matter how many times the world beats you down and puts you on the bottom of life, that when you are a big bean they can only keep you down a short time because a big bean in the long run will always wind back up on top.

Let Me demonstrate. Here are three big :Red beans on top of my jar... take a look, see them on top there.

Now we will set these out and we will have a big shake up in life, and life puts us suddenly on the bottom.

After taking out your two or three big beans, dump all in to a bowl.

Now place the three marked big red beans. on the bottom of the jar. Let everyone plainly see the big beans are on the bottom of life.

I want you to note here that the three "big beans" here have had some bad circumstance and wind up on the bottom of life. Now dump back in the rest of the beans on top of them ........ and say "seems everyone is doing better then our friends. the Big Beans.

Now there is lot of shake ups in everyday life and you know it is not long before our 'big bean Friends" will be back on top again. (shake the jar a bit until the red beans appear at the top) now pass the jar around and show everyone that you just can't keep a "big bean" down.

Do it again real quick, dump em all out put the big beans on the bottom again, let all see it done......dump the rest back in and have life's shake ups again.

Shortly the Big Beans are back on top of life. Moral lesson learned, is No Matter how many times you get beat down, if you have become a "Big Bean" they just can't keep you down. You know you will always wind up back on top.

I guarantee you many people will remember this demo for life. I know I do, and you should know I first saw it as a kid maybe seventy five years ago.

Works for adults, too, who right now may think life may have short changed them.

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Demo for Downtrodden.
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