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How To Write Directed Targeted Specific Job Resumes For the Big $ Jobs You Really Want

It is better to do 10 targeted resumes then 1000 shot gun

Generalized lengthy resumes filed on the numbers theory, throw enough at the wall, one might stick,

Put yourself in the hiring persons decision making positions, he is pinched for time, and he needs to promptly get someone hired to do this job just opened up. He is being buried with applications and resumes, perhaps 150 or more. One school janitor position for example in Ohio reportedly drew over 700 applications. If you are the hiring manager responsible for picking the janitor that gets the job, how do you do it?

Imagine having to read through all that 150 lengthy resume (or 700 plus) and pick the most qualified or the one applicant that would stick with it and work out best long term for his company.


Odds are he never is going to get through it to read your resume well enough to determine that you really have what it takes to fill this job.

Even if you are the most qualified with targeted if he finds you qualified, maybe.

90% or more of your resume likely has nothing to do with this job at all.

Definition of a resume- A brief summary of your qualifications for a job.


This job application resume is not an accounting for your lifetime work history -This should be a summary a - "resume" (brief summary) of your qualifications for this specific job.

Easy, this resume is valuable for what it leaves out; the only thing retained in this copy is what qualifies you for this interviewer's job.

JUST EDIT OUT EVERYTHING (he won't wade through it,) your qualifications are never going to get digested. That unnecessary stuff has NOTHING to do with qualifying you for this job. It does have to do with cluttering and extending it so much he normally will never see or note the real qualifying parts.

Cut and Paste and delete - expand (now you have room) (blow up a little, enhance) on qualifying parts.

Put On an Announcing LABEL- exactly what this is.....

Top qualifying resume,

John Jones, for widget manager supervisor

Listing John Jones Qualifications
for the job- with Brown Tool Company-

list name, age, How to contact you easily - best, phone etc, on resume

Education and training qualifying for position,

List only education that helps make you qualified for this job and explain anything, courses, seminars, trained with a very qualified person doing this work etc - Degrees, special and unusual qualifications of your trainers.

Work experience: list each and every work experience that qualifies you for this job, "has been there done that" type of thing.

Other Qualifications include your special interests, pursuits and unusual abilities that are unique and that helps make you the contender.

Place resume in envelope

Label envelope
as per below.......

This is not a traditional resume

This is a brief one look summary of the best applicants Qualifications....

John C. Applicant

for filling your job opportunity as

inside on the bottom line of resume: Full traditional resume of employment history of Your name, available on request.

You need your resume read and considered. This one will be, your qualifications will stand out, not diluted with unimportant stuff and will give you an honest shot.

Your qualifications have to carry you from there.

Other dozens, (or even hundreds) of resumes are just "one of the pile" that he does NOT want to have to wade through. If yours measures up, "let's just hire this guy, he sounds well qualified, and get on with it."

Bet, that's what you would do if you were in his position.

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